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Minimbus Driver

ix days per week, term time only (c32 weeks per annum)
Monday to Saturday inclusive
Or, term time job share considered
Monday to Fridays:
• Mornings | 0600 to 0830
Start from school 0600, bringing students into school for 0815
• Afternoons | 1600 to approximately 1800
• Late run | 1800 onwards, some flexibility required.
• Mornings | 0600 to 0830
Start from school 0600, bringing students into school for 0815
• Lunchtime | 1230 to 1500
Note: all start times are fixed, all journey times are, by nature, traffic dependent but the
timings given are the usual duration for each run.

To report any incidents or problems with children’s behaviour to the school promptly. It is essential that
the driver is trained in and aware of Safeguarding policy and reporting procedures.
2. To report any vehicle, satnav or other equipment issues to the Bursary promptly.
3. To ensure the vehicle has sufficient fuel for each journey (fuel cards are issued for this purpose).
4. Headcount students on and off the bus, noting any who are missing and checking with parents and/or the
school if advance notice of absence has not been given.
5. Ensure that all students are safely seated and wearing seatbelts before the journey begins and throughout the
6. Ensure that luggage is stored safely and securely.
7. Ensure that all aisles and exits are clear during the journey.
8. Only using mobile phones in case of emergency or contact with the school and parents.
9. Speak firmly and clearly with students who are misbehaving, with a firm but fair approach.
10. Listen to any complaints from the students and react accordingly.
11. Not tolerate any behaviour from the students which is loud or distracting.
12. Report to the School Office after each journey any incidents or problems, by email or in person. The log of
all incidents is kept in the School Office and it is an essential requirement that this is kept up-to-date daily.
13. Report to the School Office each morning stating if a student is taking the early or late bus home that day.
14. To attend departmental meetings, usually at the start and end of each term, as notified.
From time to time, or for the supervision of specific pupils as necessary, there will be a companion or
chaperone accompanying the bus driver on particular routes. The chaperone’s role is to assist the driver in all
of the above and the two work closely in co-operation with each other.


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