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Facilities Manager (school)

Facilities Manager 
HOURS: 37 week


To be responsible for the security and maintenance of the whole school site and to ensure the school complies with current legislation relating to site safety and management
To promote and participate in achieving the most efficient and economic use of the school premises, facilities, plant, equipment and materials

Site Maintenance
Undertake emergency and planned maintenance and repairs within capability and respond effectively, maintaining a log of such works on the online portal 
Maintain all equipment, tools and ensure the plant in a safe and good condition; liaising with external suppliers and services where necessary
Maintain the school grounds to a high standard including all lawns and beds; ensure grounds are litter free in order to minimise risks to the health and safety of those using the school site and to ensure the activities of the school can take place in an environment suited to learning. 
Where required, liaise with external contractors to maintain cost-effective schedules
Liaise with the Director of Finance in the preparation of maintenance and capital expenditure project/work plans; liaise with contractors and be their main point of contact
Manage all contractors on site, monitor their performance and inspect completed work, ensuring that all health and safety requirements are met
Undertake routine inspections of the site including daily maintenance checks
Maintain a computerised record of all regular checks undertaken
Responsible for heating and lighting systems throughout the premises; arrange to remedy any problems and to participate in cost-saving projects
Undertake and document a termly risk assessment of the whole site and other risk assessments/health and safety checks as directed by the Director of Finance
Attend regular meetings with the Director of Finance 
Be aware of the location of essential services including water isolation valves, fire points, drainage systems. gas and power supplies. Maintain a detailed plan showing the location of these
Regularly inspect all drains and gullies for blockages remedying as necessary
Regularly visually inspect outside areas for defects and potential hazards including condition of boundaries, fencing, building exteriors and trees 
Carry out emergency cleaning as required
Monitor supplies of cleaning materials, personal hygiene products, drinking water and sundry items; working with cleaning staff to ensure effective replenishment
To positively support and direct the work of the cleaning and lunch staff to ensure their actions result in a positive, safe and professional working environment

Building Access and Maintenance
To have knowledge of listed building requirements and maintain the School building in good repair and cleanliness at all times
To provide access in evenings, weekends and school holidays for groups wishing to use the School site as part of the School’s letting program and the agreement of the Director of Finance
Procure and manage contracts for the duration of a project as agreed with the Director of Finance

Fire and Security
As the designated Fire and Security Officer ensure that all systems are regularly maintained and tested, appropriate records kept and all related policies and procedures are reviewed and updated as necessary
Ensure the buildings are locked and unlocked at appropriate times (including daily opening and closing); setting and disarming of alarm systems
As a primary keyholder be prepared to attend out of normal working hours as and when required
Monitor traffic on-site including adherence to school rules. Regularly assess and review traffic & parking policy to ensure optimal safety
Ensure internal security procedures are adhered to; reporting any issues to the Director of Finance and Principal
Regularly walk around all buildings to monitor maintenance standards, lighting and heating use and that windows and doors are secured. Report and act upon any issues with the appropriate staff
Test fire alarm call points weekly and regularly check other fire equipment e.g. extinguishers for damage or expiration; change batteries in detection equipment as required; maintain logs of all checks. Liaise with the fire and security contractors to arrange for servicing and repairs
Maintain the Fire Risk Assessment, updating where appropriate and resolving any issues
Provide safe access to buildings and classrooms in the event of snow, minor floods and similar emergency situations
Initiate the necessary procedures quickly and accurately relating to the emergency services, e.g Police, Fire, Gas and Electricity Board.
Oversee effective lettings, ensuring clients are briefed on fire safety and evacuation 
Ensure the premises are cleaned as required and the site is secure
Some evening and weekend cover will be required in connection with school events and lettings as agreed with the Director of Finance

Health and Safety
Ensure the school complies with all current legislation in relation to site safety and facilities management; including the maintenance of appropriate records


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